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Deborah Salomon

Hebrew Wizards
Greenwich, CT
Hebrew Wizards philosophy, methodology and proprietary curriculum are intertwingled to create an engaging & interactive program. The curriculum known as the, "Wizards Curriculum of Jewish Knowledge" contains over 60 Boards each featuring Jewish Concepts that excite & educate students and promote the learning process. By allowing students to master the Wizards Boards, students feel empowered and successful as they achieve each Wizard's Board. Broken into 4 specific categories, The Wizards Boards focus on; Bible & Torah, Traditional Prayer & Songs, Hebrew Language, & Jewish Holidays. A Wizards Board reflects Jewish Concepts and allows students to walk away with a full Jewish education that lasts a lifetime. Big colorful Thematic poster boards are filled with specific information of each concept, are used as effective teaching tools. We further connect the dots with our Wanna Be a Wizard App with 18 games, with our Wizards Youtube channel HEBWIZ with 50 tutorials on each Board, along with all Hebrew Wizards Family Band music on iTunes & Spotify. Jewish Learning can be Fun for Everyone. Great for all Ages.